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Digitally Interconnect Your Industrial Infrastructure with License-Free, Wireless Modems

In today’s age of Industry 4.0, your company’s infrastructure needs to be fully interconnected. Fully digitalized infrastructure using DATA-LINC’s industrial-grade modems will help you to collect real-time data, leading to prompt decision-making for control optimization and predictive maintenance of your industrial processes.

DATA-LINC's wide product range and the various industrial applications that would benefit from these license-free modems

for Optimal Results with your data-communications,

We provide wireless connection solutions for a broad range of industrial automation & instrumentation applications worldwide. 

Our complete product line of high-performing modems provide ultra-reliable data transfer even in the harshest environments. DATA-LINC’s license-free products include long, medium & short-range, high-speed, medium & low-speed, wireless & wired modems and various different accessories such as antennas and other peripherals. 

We are the industrial wireless Communications expert

why dATA-LINC?

  • Broad line of data communication devices including wireless Ethernet, Serial & Digital I/O modems.
  • Exceptional Range, Data Integrity & Reliability even in the harshest industrial environments.
  • Smart capabilities to design hybrid systems for industry specific automation needs.
  • Compatible with simple single point remote system as well as complex multi-tier, multi-drop SCADA system.                  
  • Simple & Easy Installations – all DATA-LINC modems and cables are factory configured for each industry application.
  • One- stop-shop for your industrial data communications solutions.
  • Our devices support most synchronous protocols used in typical SCADA applications.
  • Interface seamlessly with the automation industry’s major PLCs.                                                               
  • DATA-LINC engineers work with you to customize a system and provide an industrial automation solution for your individualized company and industry needs.
  • PLC rack mount versions available that fit into the PLC rack mount enclosures of standard PLCs.
  • Our service includes free RF-Path Study and access to free tool that will help you design your wireless network design in minutes.

Take a quick look at our best selling Edge-Ready Wireless Modem for the 900MHz band

License-Free, Long-Range, High-Speed, Wireless Modems

field proven performance even in the harshest environments

Our latest product in the 900MHz band, SRM8200 FHSS, is a wireless radio modem that utilizes the Advanced Adaptive Spectrum Technology providing speeds up to 4Mbps RF data rate & range up to 35miles/52km with line-of-sight. This is truly a world-class modem that is License-Free, Long-Range, High-Speed & Wireless.

Wireless Products

High-Speed Modems

Ethernet serial & Digital I/O modems in 2.4GHz & 5GHz. Also a 900MHz option with Ethernet, & serial with Edge-Linc.

Protocol to I/O & I/O to I/O

Product range includes short-range modems & medium to long-range modems in 900Mhz & 2.4GHz

Long & Medium-Range Modems

Ethernet & serial Wireless Modems in 900Mhz & 2.4GHz

Wired Modem

Wired Modem - LLM1100

LLM1100 - Private Line Modem

Consider the Long-Line, LLM1100 private line modem for Industrial applications where line-of-sight is not available,


Antennas, Cables & Much More

We are a one-stop shop for all your industrial communication needs. Offerings also include antennas, cables & lightening arrestors.

Agricultural Industry


The exceptional reliability offered by our long-range wireless modems enable monitoring and control of several irrigation and other agriculture functions

Our products are designed to support Agriculture to Zinc Mining & all the industries in-between.

Click on the link to learn more about the different industrial solutions. 

Our sales, technical & product teams work closely with you to understand your industry specific needs from project evaluation stage to post-project maintenance stage. We have over 30 years of technical & product expertise and have already installed more than 100,000 modems worldwide. 

Mining Automation

Zinc Mining

The exceptional reliability offered by our long-range wireless modems enable monitoring and control of several irrigation and other agriculture functions

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