About Us

About us

Data-Linc Group is a leading provider of industrial data communication solutions. designing and manufacturing high performance, superior quality modems for a broad range of automation applications. Our complete line of industrial grade modems and networking products provide reliable, robust data communications even in the most demanding environments. Customers from a broad range of markets have benefited from our data communication solutions. We support our products with outstanding service based upon our in-depth knowledge of not only RF but of PLC communications as well.

DLG Headquarters

Following many years of cooperative research & development work in data transfer for industrial applications, DATA-LINC GROUP introduced its first product, the Power Line Carrier Modem (LCM100), in the mid 1980s. The company went on to develop the DOVE, Data Over Voice Encoder, which simultaneously carried voice and digital data over phone lines. Since 1988 the company has expanded it’s product line with a major focus on spread spectrum frequency hopping license-free radio modems and have become the manufacturer of the broadest line of industrial-grade modems in the world. A list of products include spread spectrum Wireless Ethernet, Serial & Digital I/O modems, direct sequence high-speed industrial Wi-Fi complaint 802.11b/g modems, and Wired data-communication peripherals and systems. 

Our commitment to providing performance-oriented, quality data communications equipment has resulted in Data-Linc’s appointment as a Global Alliance Partner of Rockwell Automation and a Gold Level Technology Partner with Schneider Electric. Our products are compatible with not only these giants in the industrial automation and control arena but with other world class PLC/PAC manufacturers products as well, ensuring robust, reliable data transfer even in the most challenging of industrial environments. When data communication reliability is important, think Data-Linc. We have 30+ years of excellent performance in customer support and communication reliability. Since our founding, our channels to market have grown to include more than 300 distributors, system integrators and resellers worldwide.


Data-Linc Group maintains offices and supports distributors world-wide. Click here to obtain contact information for local support in your area, or for more information about Data-Linc Group, our broad line of wireless and wire-line modems, or for sales and technical support inquiries.

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