Regional sales groups contact information
To request support or information on specific requirements, please address your e-mail to one of the following regional sales groups (see map below):


North America: Canada, Mexico & U.S.A Regional Sales & Inquiries

Brian Waszkowski  Eastern US & Canada  Office: (440) 299-7320  brian@data-linc.net

Karen Perlbachs  Western US & Canada  HQ: (425) 882-2206  info@data-linc.net

Karen Perlbachs  Mexico    HQ: (425) 882-2206  informacion@data-linc.com


International Sales & Inquiries

Karen Perlbachs  Latin America    HQ: (425) 882-2206  informacion@data-linc.com

Kayo Sidhva  Asia Pacific  Mobile: +91 8879578525  ksidhva@data-linc.net

TJ Wong  PR China, Taiwan    Tech Support  tjwong@data-linc.net

Jim Steffey  Europe       HQ: (425) 882-2206  europe@data-linc.com

Kayo Sidhva  India subcontinent    Mobile: +91 8879578525  ksidhva@data-linc.net

Kayo Sidhva  Midddle East    Mobile: +91 8879578525  ksidhva@data-linc.net

Corporate Headquarters  Rest of World  HQ: (425) 882-2206  info@data-linc.com

For more information about Data-Linc Group, our broad line of wireless and wire-line modems, or for sales and technical support inquiries, contact Corporate Headquarters via telephone, fax, or email.