Technical Services 

Data-Linc Group offers unparalleled technical assistance in the selection of the best data communication product for your unique industrial application and in follow-up support. We offer:
  • A broad product line with verified, outstanding performance in the harshest of industrial environments
  • Assistance in achieving the best solution for your communication needs.
  • Help in integrating our modems into new or existing systems.
  • Technical service that simplifies installation.
  • Post-sale support for all users of our products.
  • Follow-up services including troubleshooting if needed.


The goals of the Data-Linc Technical Services Group include:
  • Ensuring that all technical information, including on-line web information, is current and accurate
  • Responding to all messages and emails within one business day.
  • Answering incoming technical support phone calls during business hours promptly

Engineering Specifications

Industrial Modems, Multiplexers and Systems

  • These tables do not cover all products.
  • Contact tech support by phone (425) 882-2206 Pacific Coast Time, fax (425) 867-0865 or te*********@da*******.com for the latest product specifications and for technical questions.

Contact us for Wireless Product Engineering Specifications

A complete printed set of engineering specifications for all products is available by email. Contact Data-Linc at (425) 882-2206 Pacific Coast Time or in**@da*******.com )

User Guides for Major Products

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Spread Spectrum Diagram: Typical Frequency Hopping Pattern

The numbers above the waveform peaks (1 through 16) represent a typical frequency hopping pattern. The pattern is the result of a sequential preset algorithm designed to maintain synchronization between the Master and Remote radio modems.

Frequency Shift Key (FSK)

A typical digital data stream is illustrated with the equivalent carrier modulation form, as represented by a Frequency Shift Key (FSK) sine wave. VS1 = Voltage Sent (Digital) VR1 = Voltage Received (Digital) VS2 VS2 also illustrate the line loss. (Note that the frequency amplitute is unaffected by data transmission distance.)

Articles and Technical Papers

The following magazine articles and technical papers are unedited versions. The published versions were edited by the publishers for space considerations. Hard copies of most of these published articles and papers are available upon request from Data-Linc Group. Contact us at (425) 882-2206 Pacific Coast Time, fax (425) 867-0865 or ma****@da*******.com.


  • A-B Journal, August 2006, pg 51-53 Wireless Automation Rocks!” A retrofitted wireless automation system makes aggregate production more efficient and improves process monitoring.
  • A-B Journal, November 2005, pg18-20. Tech Tips: Add Wireless Metrics to HMI, Larry Terwisscha, Customer Relations/Tech Support. Read the complete article entitled “Adding Wireless Metrics to your HMI” which gives the “how-to” regarding integration of application and wireless data into a single-user interface.
  • A-B Journal, September 2005, pg 37 Success is in the Subsystems: “Ethernet Wireless Modems Aid Truck Assembly Renee Robbins, Executive Editor (2 MB A-B Journal article, page 37 pdf download) Read the unedited version
  • Applying Wireless to Ethernet/IP Industrial Networks (January 2005 unpublished paper)
  • Data-Linc Conquers Brazil’s Rugged Terrain and Reduces Costs for Large Oil and Gas Pipeline Network Data-Linc and A-B Tech provide a viable solution to monitor the integrity of a vast pipeline network from one central location. (August 2004, unpublished paper)
  • Wireless video applications in industrial environments Combining wireless and video to create a network requires careful consideration of capabilities and limitations. (August 2003, unpublished paper)
  • U.S. Water News Vol. 20, No. 6, (June 2003) pages 6,12. Expanding existing SCADA system for growth can be daunting task” Case study presented at the Texas Water Association conference in Corpus Christi TX, April 2003.
  • ISA’s Intech Magazine, July 2002. Taking Back Control: Most common way to implement a SCADA system is to go outside, but is it the best way? Read an excerpt of how Camrosa Water District saved $24K per year, or download the complete article (pdf file 120 K).
  • Traffic Control: City of Bellevue Case Study (unpublished paper)
  • Control Engineering, (Mid-December 2000). Wireless Scores With Sign Maker: Washington-based companies make wireless technology a team effort”.
  • A-B Journal, June 2000. (on Allen-Bradley website) “Victor Valley Dives into Data Acquisition”Contact Data-Linc at 425-882-2206 for print article.
  • I&CS, (September 1999) pages 91-95. “Extend Your Plant Network with Industrial Wireless Ethernet”.
  • Industrial Computing Magazine, (April 1999). “License Free Ethernet Radio Modems: The Only Wireless Ethernet Modem Designed for Industrial Environments”
  • A-B Journal, (September 1997) page 66-67. “Repairing the Weak Link in Data Acquisition and Control.”
  • I&CS, (July, 1997) pages 69-72. “Selecting a Radio Modem Technology for Industrial Automation Applications: 5 Case Studies.”
  • A-B Journal, (June 1997) page 34. “Data-Linc Group: Its Niche and Latest Development.”
  • WATER/Engineering & Management, (July 1996) pages 22-25. New Techniques Provide Solutions to Data Communications Dilemmas in Water Districts.”
  • Control Engineering, (March 1996) pages 75-76. “How to Improve Industrial Data Communication.”
  • Industrial Computing, (July 1995) pages 14-19. Avoiding Data Communications Problems

Technical Papers

  • Updated unpublished articles (April 2008) Modernization Without Compromise: Wastewater SCADA System Upgrade, Sussex County, Delaware, (Download 1MB pdf file); Original article regarding installation presented at ISA 2004 and published in Intech (Feb 2004).
  • Sydney Water West Camden Recycled Water Supply Project by Asghar Khan, Wired & Wireless Solutions International, Richard Camilleri, Sydney Water, Larry Terwisscha, Data-Linc Group (Download 1.8MB pdf file)
  • Paper presented at Automation Fair 2006 (October) by Larry Terwisscha, Training & Technical Services Manager Designing the Ultimate RTU— Communiucation Options (Download 543K pdf file)
  • Discrete/Analog Multiplexer 2005 (March) “Wireless Communication System for Stray Current Interference Testing” by Janani Suseelar, BE (Electrical, UNSW), Sydney Water Commission Gil Dent, Asset Management Specialist, Sydney Water Commission (Download 371K pdf file)
  • Secure Data Transfer (December 2001). Data-Linc Group SRM Series Wireless Security: Understanding Wireless Modem Data Transmission
  • ISA Paper (October 1998). Applying Safety Systems in Certified Environments Utilizing Remote I/O and Communications.
  • IEEE Paper (August 1996). License Free Spread Spectrum and FSK Wire Industrial Data Communications.
  • ISA Paper (February 1995). The FSK Advantage: New Techniques Support Enhanced Data Acquisition and Control.