LincView™ OPC Diagnostics

LincViewTM OPC Diagnostics

RF Network Management Software
for SRM Radio Modem Networks

SRM Serial Radio Modems

DATA-LINC’s enhanced diagnostics/ management software allows the monitoring and control of RF networks  utilizing the SRM family of wireless radio modems.

LinkView OPC provides network-wide RF diagnostics and can be used for the SRM6000/6100s & SRM6220/6320s family of products. 

For obtaining local diagnostics, terminal emulator programs like Putty, Hyperterminal or Tera Term etc can always be used with any of the mentioned product families. 

LincView OPC is particularly suited for troubleshooting and analyzing the performance of RF links in large SCADA networks, saving time and increasing confidence in the network’s reliability.

The software with a new user interface and internal OPC server is compatible with DATA-LINC SRM serial and Ethernet radio modems, runs on a PC with Windows® operating system and provides essential information for each modem in the network. 

LincView OPC Features

  • Offers OPC server capability
  • Displays important data for Local & Remote modem:
    • Signal Strength
    • Noise Level
    • Packet Errors
    • Data Packet Transmission
    • Disconnects
    • RF Path to Master
    • Temperature
  • Timestamps last communication
  • Provides historical graphing of key statistics and values
  • Allows configuration changes of Remote modems (RF link must first be present)

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