LincView™ OPC Diagnostics

                                   LincViewTM OPC Diagnostics9.2 MHz and 2.4 GHz serial radio stand-alone and PLC slot mount modems9.2 MHz and 2.4 GHz wireless Ethernet stand-alone and PLC slot mount modems
RF network management software
for SRM stand-alone modems

Download a printable PDF (1.2M) version of thisLincView OPC data sheet


Management software for SRM radio modem networks

LincViewTM OPC (OLE for Process Control), Data-Linc’s enhanced diagnostics/management software, allows the monitoring and control of RF networks utilizing the SRM Family of wireless modems. LincView OPC is particularly suited to troubleshooting and analyzing the performance of RF links in large SCADA networks, saving time and increasing confidence in the network’s reliability.

LincView OPC features:

  • Offers OPC server capability
  • Displays important data for each local and Remote modem
    • Signal Strength
    • Noise Level
    • Packet Errors
    • Data packet transmission
    • Disconnects
    • RF Path to Master
    • Temperature
  • Timestamps last communication
  • Provides historical graphing of key statistics and values
  • Allows configuration changes of Remote modems (RF link must first be present)

LincView OPC Diagnostic Software is compatible with Data-Linc SRM serial and Ethernet radio modems, runs on a PC with Windows® operating system and provides essential information for each modem in the network.

Taking advantage of internal improvements in the SRM family of wireless Ethernet and serial modems, Data-Linc’s latest diagnostic option, LincView OPC is a new user interface with an internal OPC server.

LincView OPC Connections Screen for real-time dynamic RF network diagnostic information

Real-time dynamic RF network diagnostic information: Connections screen— click image to enlarge.

The LincView OPC user interface displays real-time dynamic diagnostic information both graphically and textually, as well as simultaneously with normal network use. This same diagnostic information can be viewed as tags in your familiar OPC browser and utilized in OPC enabled applications such as RSView32. LincView and/or your HMI can provide diagnostic alarm, log, trend and archive services.

The Connections Screen, at left, shows the different ways that a Master radio and LincView OPC Software can communicate or exchange information. Note the TCP/IP button. (See the lines of communication on LincView OPC network diagram, blue line, below.)

Network topolgy tree view for real-time dynamic RF network diagnostic information

Real-time dynamic RF network diagnostic information: Network topolgy tree view— click image to enlarge.

Information is provided for each radio including a tree view of network topology. Example parameters include environmental (temperature, voltage), RF (signal and noise levels at each end of the RF path, percent receive rate, frequency drift), data performance (bytes sent or received, receive rate), and informational (time since last response). Units can be English, Metric, dBm, Junits, Celsius or Fahrenheit as appropriate. Additionally, from LincView OPC’s user interface, each radio can be named and its configuration parameters viewed or modified.

Master Radio Settings Screen for real-time dynamic RF network diagnostic information

Real-time dynamic RF network diagnostic information: Master Radio Settings Screen— click image to enlarge.

LincView OPC communicates with the network’s Master radio using RS232, UDP, or TCP/IP (via a terminal server), as selected by the user. LincView OPC, the OPC client, and the radio network can be located at or on the same PC or at great distances from each other. Additionally, LincView OPC supports multiple radio networks via multiple sessions.

LincView OPC, provided on CD, installs on Windows 98, NT, 2000, and XP based computers. Newer Data-Linc SRM6xxx series 900MHz band radio modems with firmware version 2.xx and greater or 2.4 GHz modems with firmware version 3.xx and greater are required. When necessary for RS232 diagnostic, Master radios can be ordered with an optional diagnostic port or purchased separately for field installation.

Call Data-Linc Technical Support at 425-882-2206 for details.

RSView Tag Database Screen for real-time dynamic RF network diagnostic information

Real-time dynamic RF network diagnostic information: RSView Tag Database Screen— click image to enlarge.

LincView OPC is ideal for large, complex networks. It is able to provide real-time information about not
only the integrity and function of the RF network but about the application operation as well . Current installations include large RF networks in the water/wastewater, gas pipeline and water collection, pumping and storage industries. For small networks, LincView OPC is also an outstanding utility that allows collection of vital information for network analysis and trouble-shooting. Contact Data-Linc for the further information regarding this powerful network management program.

For details, please contact Data-Linc Technical Support at 425-882-2206 7:30-4:30 Pacific Coast Time or via to learn more about LincView’s capabilities and appropriateness for your specific application.

LincView OPC network diagram

LincView OPC network diagram

Diagnostic Network

This Customer Network diagram shows the communication path of an actual installation. The blue line represents the connection between LincView OPC and the radio modem using TCP/IP. The green indicates the exchange of remote OPC data between LincView OPC and the HMI which can be at great distances. The right end of the green line is the HMI whose software shows the screen like RSView.

The diagram also indicates the ability to expand a system to a large number of radio networks, limited only by available resources.

LincView OPC Kit

In some cases (other than UDP communications) LincView OPC requires the DB-9 diagnostic port option on the master radio. A field installable kit is available that includes the DB-9 port with all necessary hardware and LincView OPC CD.

Download a printable pdf (1.2M) version of this LincView OPC data sheet.
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