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For Customer-Centric Technical Support & Solutions, Think DATA-LINC

We have been helping our customers make reliable connections with their industrial-data for over thirty years. Checkout these tech-tips from our technical experts to improvise your industrial-data connections. 


Learn how to migrate your aging wireless networks!

Migrating Your Aging Networks from Serial to Ethernet or Wired to Wireless Network? Wireless modems are easy and quick to install. They are ideal solution for replacing communication wires in RS485 and RS232 networks. Tell us about your current network and we will work with you for the most cost effective solution. We have long

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Enhance Wireless Connections: Optimize with a Propagation Study

Designing a New Wireless Network? Start With a Propagation Study Propagation studies provide an optimal RF path to obtain a highly reliable signal for a robust wireless connection. Having a cost-effective and a reliable data-communication wireless network is an important factor in a faster, smarter and well-integrated enterprise. But designing the network can be challenging,

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Wireless solutions for Oil and gas industry

In the high-pressure environment of the oil and gas sector, time is of the essence. Every moment lost to communication inefficiencies can translate into significant financial setbacks. That’s why license-free wireless modems emerge as a game-changing solution, bypassing the bureaucratic hurdles of licensing fees and regulations.

These modems seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure, ensuring swift deployment without disruptions to operations. With DATA-LINC’s High-Speed Modems leading the charge, such as the HSM240E-SD boasting impressive RF speeds of up to 54Mbps and a remarkable range of 2 miles in the 2.4GHz band, they stand as a beacon of reliability and efficiency. Perfectly suited for band-intensive applications within the oil and gas industry, these modems empower enterprises to bridge communication gaps seamlessly, enabling uninterrupted workflows and maximizing productivity.

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