Wireless Network Design Tool (WiDe)

Easy to Use, No-Cost

Wireless Network Designer Tool


Ready to design your wireless network?  The WiDe software will help you design your wireless network  without needing to know DATA-LINC products’ part numbers. Within minutes you will have an accurate list of all the items needed to design your network. 

DATA-LINC WiDe - Wireless Network designer tool

WiDe is an easy to use, free, Wireless Network Designer software program – that works like a rapid estimation tool for network design and provides a time-saving, ready-to print components list at the same time.

The tool was created to provide Distributors, SIs, CEs, “non-DATA-LINC” Tech- Sales people and customers with a tool that would facilitate network creation without needing to know DATA-LINC part numbers, and at the end , would provide an accurate list of the items needed to design the network. No part nos. to mis-enter plus the option of file sharing with team members and customers via email, network or server.

Additionally, as the Master files are updated the changes automatically update to insure compatible components for the modification. WiDe is easy to install and use, runs on Windows OS with Net Framework v.4 and works in combination with Radio Mobil for RF site surveys.


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