CIX6435 - Protocol Master for I/O to I/O system
CIX6400 Protocol to I/O & I/O to I/O System for the license-free 900MHz ISM Band

CIX6435 Protocol Master

CIX6435, is the heart of Data-Linc Group’s Communication Interface I/O EXtender (CIX) System for the license-free 900MHz ISM band. This system offers an industrial-grade, cost-effective solution for protocol to I/O communication, setting a new standard in simplicity and efficiency.

  • Ultra reliable data transfer – hard-wired Ethernet connection avoids data loss
  • One Ethernet port- Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP compatible
  • One serial port – DF1 and Modbus RTU compatible
  • Supports upto 16 Remotes (384 I/O points)
  • Throughput 1200 Baud – 115.2Kbaud

Check out all the distinguishing features of the CIX6400 System for the 900MHz band here. Looking for a similar system in the 2.4GHz? Check out the CIX6500 system. 


Product Description

Unlock Seamless Wireless Protocol to  I/O Communication with CIX6435

Our Communication Interface I/O EXtender (CIX) System introduces an industrial-grade wireless solution for protocol to I/O exchange that’s both cost-effective and efficient. Unlike traditional wireless I/O setups with inputs and outputs on both sides of the RF link, the CIX Protocol to I/O system provides a direct connection to Remote I/O locations via your PLC/PAC’s communication protocol. This eliminates unnecessary costs and complexities often associated with other I/O modules.

Experience the Power of Simplified Integration

The CIX Master harnesses Produce/Consume firmware, seamlessly integrating your CIX/PLR Wireless I/O network into a Logix PAC’s I/O tree. No more message writing, no I/O mapping – it’s that simple. Our CIX/PLR Protocol Master’s EDS file provides all the necessary tags, streamlining integration with just a few clicks. Simply install the EDS file and, using RSLogix 5000 or Studio 5000, effortlessly add the appropriate module.

Reliable Connectivity, Unmatched Performance

Unlike other “Wireless I/O” devices that struggle to maintain EtherNet/IP UDP connections, DATA-LINC’s proprietary “Wireless Protocol to I/O” technique ensures flawless operation. Rest assured, the common issues often associated with “wireless Produce/Consume” are non-existent here.

Elevate your connectivity with CIX6435 – a part of the CIX6400 System, your gateway to the seamless protocol to I/O interaction. Simplify, integrate, and thrive.


CIX6435 Master

Included. 7′ Cat 5 Cable

Antenna. Standard thread female SMA for optional external omni-directional or yagi antennas.
Ethernet. 10/100 Base-T Auto-MDIX
Diagnostic port. RS232 DB9 Female or RS485 2-wire
Power 3-pin pluggable terminal block

RF.Power (P), RF Carrier (C), RF Output (O),
Mode. M1, M2, L1, L2

Voltage. 10-28 VDC nominal
Current. 160mA idle, 660mA peak on transmit