A Quick Look at the SRM6000 Spread Spectrum Radio Modem

A Quick Look at the SRM6000 Spread Spectrum Radio Modem

The Data-Linc SRM6000 is a license-free 902-928 MHz spread spectrum frequency-hopping wireless modem. The modems can be configured as Master, remote, Repeater or or Repeater/Remote as needed. Data communications is asynchronous at baud rates that can be set as high as 115.2 k, uncompressed.

To connect the SRM6000 to a PC or PLC use a communication cable for your specific application. The modem connector pinout is as follows:





Pin #
1Carrier Detect
2Transmit Data
3Receive Data
5Sig Ground
6Data Set Ready
8Clear to Send

There are no switches or jumpers to be set or adjusted. The SRM6000 comes pre-configured from the factory. The SRM6000 User´s Guide contains simple and easily followed directions for changing configuration in the field.

All connections are made on the front of the modem. LEDs show Power On, Carrier Detect, Data In and Data out of the modem for immediate, clear and easy confirmation and diagnosis of system operation:



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