SRM8200 - unlicensed long-range, high-speed, industrial-grade, wireless radio modem
SRM8200SRM8200 with Network NowDifferent ways SRM8200 with Edge Linc can support IOT
SRM8200 – Long-Range,  FHSS 900 MHz Ethernet-Serial Radio Modem

Need Speed & Range?  Solution – SRM8200

  • License-free in the 900MHz band
  • Employs Advanced Adaptive FHSS technology
  • RF speeds up to 4 Mbps
  • Range up to 40 Miles
  • Supports Ethernet & Serial communication
  • Includes Network NowTM  – a live network map that displays network-wide RF diagnostic data
  • Supports Edge Computing via Edge Linc –  a Linux platform to create and host applications for Edge Computing
  • Additional advanced features include Forward Error Correction, Packet Compression & Packet Aggregation
  • Reliable in harshest environments with field proven performance despite band-crowding & RF noise

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Product Description

DATA-LINC’s newest member of the SRM family utilizes the same robust and reliable frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology as its predecessors with a new and notable addition, Adaptive Spectrum Technology. This allows SRM8200 to obtain robust links even in RF congested environments at exceptionally high speeds without sacrificing range and reliability. Adaptive Spectrum applies highly efficient “cognitive learning”, thereby making it able to support band intensive applications as it is an ideal choice for IIOT and the Connected Enterprise evolution. With RF speeds of up to 4Mbps, a significant advancement for the FHSS products, and distances of up to 35+ miles/52+km with LOS (line-of-sight) and omni antennas, it can significantly exceed that range with Repeaters and/or high gain antennas.

To ensure data integrity, the SRM8200 uses ARQ (Automated Repeat reQuest) technique and FEC (Forward Error Correction). If an error is detected, ARQ requests that the data packet be resent, but in conjunction with ARQ, in responding to the error, FEC (a digital technique for signal processing) inserts redundant data, called error correcting code, before the data is transmitted or stored. This dual action gives the SRM8200 the capability to error correct without a reverse channel to request data retransmission. Thus, FEC, also known as channel coding, adds redundancy to transmitted information. The result? The ultimate in data reliability for coverage from limited to extensive data transfer solutions along with unsurpassed confidence in the data integrity.

The combination of these outstanding features has produced an advanced technology data-communication product with exceptional performance. Its excellent noise resistance and high data transfer rates in the 900 MHz band make the SRM8200 an ideal solution for industrial automation and instrumentation applications.

To meet high-data rate demands, whether indoors or out, for short distances or long, you can depend upon the SRM8200 to reliably transfer you data in bandwidth challenging & harshest industrial environments. For Speed & Range In Your Industrial Communications, THINK DATA-LINC


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SRM8200 installation with The Logicon Group: Upgrading to a wireless network using SRM8200 saves a local Illinois Municipality, a $1000 a month.   View or Download

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Industrial Applications

Potential Industrial Applications include:  

  • Motion Control
  • Process Control
  • Site Monitoring
  • Message Transmit: Voice or Text
  • Other areas that require faster update rates such as:
    • Rapid On/Off
    • Telemetry
    • Disaster Management
    • Real-Time Video

Check out the video to learn more about the different industrial applications:



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