PLR6400 System - PLR6435 (Master) and PLR6430 (Remote, Repeater, Remote Repeater)
PLR6430 - FHSS Wireless Radio ModemPLR6435 - license-free, short to medium range I/O Master

PLR6400 Protocol to I/O & I/O to I/O System 

The system includes 900 MHz PLR6435 Master & PLR6430 I/O to I/O Interface

PLR Wireless I/O System:

  • License-free 900 MHz ISM band
  • Range up to 5 miles (8 km)
  • SmartSpectrum™ Technology for maximum data integrity, even in noisy industrial environments
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Separate RS-232 DB9 configuration port
  • User-adjustable hop patterns and frequency zones for refined operation of close proximity networks
  • Factory configured for easy installation
  • CIX/EXR I/O expansion module available
  • Optional Din rail mount

(For the 2.4GHz license-free band check out PLR6500 System)

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Product Description

 Welcome to the cutting-edge world of Data-Linc’s PlantLinc short to medium-range modem family! Our revolutionary “PLR” modems redefine short-range industrial communication, addressing your needs for in-plant wireless installations. Crafted in direct response to customer demands, these modems seamlessly replace less reliable technologies while retaining the robust FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) data transfer method found in our premium SRM Family – all at a lower competitive price.

Key Features:

Extended Reach with CIX Capabilities:

  • PLR modems bring you the same key CIX features in the 900 MHz license-free band, facilitating data transfer up to 5 miles* (8 km) with line-of-sight, even in high RFI/EMI and crowded band environments.

FHSS Radio with I/O Connections:

  • The PLR6430 FHSS radio offers connections for discrete and analog inputs and outputs, providing a versatile solution for I/O to I/O data exchange.

Flexible Networking Solutions:

  • Choose between I/O to I/O mirroring using PLR6430 radios for the entire network or implement an I/O to protocol solution with PLR6430 I/O units and the unique PLR6435 protocol to I/O Master. This system supports up to 384 I/O points across a maximum of 16 remote locations.

Simplicity in Implementation:

  • Radios with I/O connections offer a straightforward way to interconnect devices that do not share the same communication protocol or lack a communication port, enhancing simplicity in deployment.

User-Selectable Options:

  • Our included configuration software empowers you to define the desired state for discrete outputs in case of communication failure, putting you in control.

Hybrid Application Compatibility:

  • These competitively priced I/O solutions seamlessly integrate with corresponding versions of long-range radios, supporting hybrid CIX/PLR and SRM/PLR applications. This flexibility extends to network designs both inside and outside the plant.

*Greater range achievable in optimal conditions with clear line-of-sight, Repeaters, and/or higher gain antennas.

For comprehensive details, download our datasheet and user guide

Elevate your industrial communication with Data-Linc’s PLR modems – your gateway to unmatched reliability and versatility!


PLR6400 Datasheet 

PLR Family Modems Advantages

PLR6400 User Guide 

Download Configuration tool for PLR6435

Download Configuration tool for PLR6430

CIX/EXR – AOI for I/O Extenders – AOI (Add-On-Instructions) are available for Data-Linc’s I/O extender applications that use Rockwell Logix5000-based controllers. AOI is for Protocol to I/O networks. The AOI is available by request from DATA-LINC technical support. .



PLR6400 System Specifications

Operating Frequency
License-free, 902-928 MHz ISM band (user setting for the full or truncated band)

CD CIX-LincTM and CIX -I/O configuration & diagnostics software, User Guide, Bench test antenna, Configuration cable, Power Supply.

PLR6435 & PLR6430

Frequency range: 902 to 928 FHSS (DTS)
RF Data Rate 153 Kbps
Range: 5 miles (8 km) LOS with Omni antennas
Output Power: 5mW  to 500mW maximum30 dB maximum, (10 programmable steps)
Modulation: 2-level GFSK
Hop Patterns. 15 (user selectable)
Occupied Bandwidth. 230KHz

Error Correction: 32-bit CRC, Retransmit on error
Data Encryption: 256-bit AES
Sensitivity: -100 dBm @ 153.6 Kbps for BER 10-4
IF Selectivity: 40 dB @ fc ±230 KHz
RF Data Transmission

Standard thread SMA female
Nominal Impedance 50Ω

Input Voltage 10-28 VD; wall mount 12VDC/ 115-230 VAC power supply included
Transmit Current 650mA@12VDC
receive Current 167mA@12VDC

Operating Environment
Temperature:-40°0 to 167° F (-40° to 75° C)
Humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing


Standard. 18-gauge steel
2.47 X 3.70 X 6.4 in. (6.274 X 9.398 X 16.26 cm)
Optional. DIN rail mounting flanges(3) (included)

Shipping Weight. 1.8 lb (0.82 kg)

PLR6435 Protocol Master

Data RJ45 10/100 Base-T Auto-MDIX

Operating Modes
Master Only

Front Panel LEDs Power, RF Carrier, RF Out, RF In, LAN(Linc-ACT), Mode LEDs x 4

PLR6430 I/O Remote Radio Modem

8 Discrete 0-20mA, closed contact to ground 4 Analog 4-20mA

8 Discrete sink to ground, 100mA maximum
4 Analog 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10VDC

2X RS-232

1X RS-485 (I/O configuration and/or  Link port only)

Operating Modes: 
Remote, Repeater, Repeater/Remote

Front Panel LEDs Power, RF Carrier, RF Out, RF In, LAN (Link-Act)