CIX6530 I/O Remote or I/O to I/O

CIX6530 Remote I/O Extender

CIX6530 Remote

Channel Functions
Analog. 0-20 mA, 4-20mA or 0-10 VDC, 24VDC max. loop voltage, 12 bit resolution. Self-powered outputs.
Discrete Input. Dry contact closure
Discrete Output. Open collector (sink to ground), 100mA per channel, 12-24VDC

Antenna. Standard thread female SMA for optional external omni directional or yagi antennas
I/O Discrete and Analog. Detachable screw-type terminal blocks Wire size 12-26 AWG
Power. 3-pin pluggable terminal block
Diagnostic port. Standard DB9 Female
EX-Linc. RS232 DB9 Female or RS485 2-wire

General. Power (P), RF Carrier (C), RF Input (I), RF Output (O), and Comm Error
Discrete. Activity LED for each discrete I/O

Voltage. 12-28 VDC nominal
Current. 160 mA idle, 660mA peak on transmit

User Guide