Dial-up/Leased Line



DLM4000 Industrial Dial-up/Leased Line Modem


  • Ideal for industrial dial-up, leased line, private line or dedicated wire applications
  • Optional auto-dial module for alarm conditions or emergency calls just by sensing a logic flag from the remote PLC
  • Versatile, reliable and durable— designed especially for industrial applications
  • Easily interfaces with most PLCs, RTUs and PCs
  • Factory or field configured for your application— ensuring trouble-free installation

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Data-Linc Group’s DLM4000 series of voice band modems offers maximum versatility and reliability in remote process control and data acquisition. From dial-up, leased and private line applications, the DLM4000 series provides unsurpassed flexibility in any industrial application.

The DLM4000 series uses advanced Trellis coding, error correction and data compression technology for virtually error-free data communications. An uncompressed PLC line speed of up to 19.2 Kbaud is standard; however, port baud rates of 1200 through 115.2Kbaud are also available.

The DLM4000 operates full/half-duplex on two wires. The asynchronous digital interface can be either RS232/422 or AE485 (AE422/485 Auto Enable function compatible with RS422/485). The DLM4000auto-answer AE485 version easily provides long distance polling of multiple PLCs at a remote site. The polling operation performed by the Master is completely transparent to the DLM4000. No additional Master programming is required— simply enter the Remote DLM4000 telephone number.

Housed in a rugged steel enclosure for optimal EMI resistance, the DLM4000 series is factory configured for trouble-free installation. No programming or configuration is required.

Auto Alarm Dial Back

An Auto Alarm Dial Back module is available on the DLM4000. This gives the Remote PLC the ability to establish a data path to a Master PLC or PC via a logic input from the Remote PLC to the Auto Alarm Dial Back module. This could be used for Remote alarming or time-based data updates.

Industrial Applications

The DLM4000 series is ideal for industrial automation systems requiring:

  • SCADA system communications
  • Remote PLC programming and diagnostics
  • Remote alarm monitoring
  • PLC/RTU communications

Download (881K) a print quality pdf version of the Data Sheet for the DLM4000 Dial-up/Leased Line Modem. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.)

DLM4000 Series Specifications

EMI/RFI. FCC Part 15, Class B, DOC Class/MDC Class B
Phone Compatibility: FCC Part 68

Ringer Equivalence. 0.47B

Carrier. Trellis Coded Modulation (TCM) 1700 or 1800 Hz

Modem Communication. ITU-TSS (CCITT) V.34, V.43 bis, V.32, V.23, V.22 bis, V.22 and V.21; Bell 212A and 103
Error Correction. ITU-TSS (CCITT) V.42 and MNP
Levels 2-4, function disabled
Data Compression. ITU-TSS (CCITT) V.42 and MNP
Levels 5, function 4 Kbps, 9600, 4800 and 1200 Bps

DTE Speeds Supported
Up to 115.2 Kbaud

Dial Type
Touch-tone, pulse or adaptive (user selectable)

Dial Features
User selectable

Transmission Level
0 to -15 dBm

Receiver Sensitivity
-43 dBm

Maximum RS232 cable length of 50 ft (15m)

20 miles* (32 km) on unloaded line, unlimited for loaded lines and dial-up applications

Internal Memory
RAM. 40 character command buffer
NVRAM. Two factory-default configuration profiles, two user defined configuration profiles and 10 stored telephone numbers, each up to 36 characters

User Controls
Standard. AT Command Set, Internal Dial-up/Leased line/Configuration Jumper, Power On-Off Toggle Switch
Optional. Auto Answer/Dial Back internal discrete signal control module

Diagnostics Tests using &Tn

Standard. Rear mounted, DB5 female
Optional. Two position AE485 or four position RS422 (AE485 and AE422 Auto Enable are RS485/422 compatible)

Standard. Wall mount power supply, 110/120 VAC to 9 VAC, 800 mA
Optional. 24 VDC (user supplied) power interface, two position terminal block. 24 VDC, 300 mA

Operating Environment
Temperature. 32° to 131°F (0° to +55°C)
Humidity. 0 to 95%, non-condensing

Standard. NEMA 1; 18-gauge steel with mounting flanges.

3.62 lb. (1.64 kg)

Enclosure Dimensions
11.275 in D x 7.25 in W x 1.375 in H
(28.64 cm x 18.42 cm x 3.49 cm)

DLM4000 Industrial Dial-up/Leased Line

* Depends upon line quality

Specifications subject to change without notice.
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