High-Speed 802.11b/g/n Modem

New Standard Set by High-Speed Modem Family’s First Release, the HSM800E – High Speed AND Long Range

DATA-LINC is known for providing products with unique features that set it apart from other modem manufacturers. The introduction of the first member of our high-speed modem family, the 802.11b/g/n HSM800E, follows that trend. The HSM800E obtains 1 Watt of power by using 2×2 MIMO technology resulting in high speeds at an exceptional range.

 Flexibility in Mounting Options

The HSM800E modem is housed in an IP65 weatherproof enclosure with multiple mounting options: pole-mount, DIN rail mount and standard mounting flanges. It also utilizes PoE (Power Over Ethernet) that supports data and power over the same  CAT5 or CAT6 Ethernet cable. PoE and flexible mounting options allow the modem to be easily installed indoors or outdoors. PoE also eliminates the need for long coax runs, thus maximizing the transmitted power and received sensitivity.

Easy Network Integration and Monitoring

The HSM supports four modes: Access Point (AP), Access Point with Repeater (AP/R), Wireless Client and Bridge.  The LED signal strength indicators along with connection and statistical information obtained via the configuration web page, make determining network health simple and straight forward.

Supporting A-MPDU, A-MSDU aggregation and other Ethernet networking features and protocols, the HSM800E integrates into industrial automation and instrumentation Ethernet networks seamlessly. Its maximum RF output power of 27dB (per transmitter for a 30dB combined transmitted power) and RF data rate up to 300Mbps using 2×2 MIMO technology provides excellent indoor or outdoor coverage with minimal multi-path fade. (Click to view the HSM800E data sheet.)

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